A complete credentialing and licensing solution fully integrated with your AMS or HR Application.

Key Features

Managing the licenses, credentials and certifications for many employees, staff and members has just gotten easy with the release of Certification Bank.

For certifying organizations, Certification Bank is a solution which supports the entire administration of your credentialing programs.  It provides key information through dashboards and management reports, as well as provides a branded portal for all users.

For businesses, Certification Bank is a solution helps you manage the certified people in your business.  Healthcare centers, general contractors, restaurants, financial institutions, law offices are held to high-standards with regards to maintaining proper documentation showing their employees are certified.  Certification Bank is the one source of truth to eliminate those pesky spreadsheets.

For individuals,
Certification Bank provides you with a tool to keep track of all of your professional information including licenses, dates, status in programs, and full transcript and vitae.


Manage credentials, licenses, certifications, designations, CEU's
Increases staff productivity, saving time and money
Branded mobile & responsive website for all users
Automated notification of deadlines and progress
Single source of data.  Integrates with LMS, AMS, CRM, HR Applications and more
Flexible pricing to get you started today (success based pricing available!)

Recent Certification Bank Clients say:

Frank Baca, Membership Manager, TAC

“When we looked at resources to upgrade our certification programs, we needed to find someone that not only could handle the complex business rules, the complexity of integration with our iMIS database, and our intricate user requirements but also had a proven track record and expertise in the certification field. Certification Bank proved to be that resource and have built 4 very different certification programs that have met all our needs."
Brandy Bixler, Digital Learning Specialist, NEA

"Certification Bank has been a wonderful company to work with.  They are timely and responsive to our needs.  All of our customizations work exactly how we want them to.  We are very proud of our micro-credential platform."