Pricing Information

Certification Bank is a cloud-based system.  We know you are familiar with SAAS - Software as a Service.  We call our solution SWAS - Software with a Service.

SWAS means our system not only comes with the very powerful features you will see in our demo, but it also comes with full support of an IT Professional to help you make decisions regarding the application's use,

Our IT team is your IT team!  We can write custom reports, monitor your traffic and even field customer requests as needed.  We setup everything for you, we update programs as you need them updated and we load data from third party systems, if they are unable to be connected to our system.

Keep this in mind when comparing us to other solutions.  Be sure to ask are they SWASSY?

Monthly Subscription

The implementation is a flat fee and includes data conversion.  As with all negotiations, this fee can be waived with multiple year contract commitments.

 In our typical model, pricing is based on the number of licenses/certifications and the number of staff users, billed monthly.  Again, discounts can be applied for pre-payment.

 Contact us to discuss what is best for your organization.  

Optional Features and Services:

  • Lockbox for checks
  • Validation of credentials
  • Full Service Option to review and administrate each document including processing – per piece fee – staff designated items can be handled by Certification Bank
  • Ad-hoc Prospect Marketing (transcript and data insertion) – success based fee structure
  • Enhanced website development

Performance Based-Pricing

This model is great for organizations who need to limit up-front costs.  

This is also a great model for organizations starting a new program.

We can set you up with the system you need to grow revenue, we will guide you through methods of success used by other organizations and we will even help you develop the outbound marketing program to attract more customers.

Why would we do this?  Because the more revenue you generate the more revenue we receive.  

Contact us to talk about how we can get you started or kick started on Certification Bank today!